Gov. Whitmer plotter gets 6 years

Ty Garbin

A federal judge has sentenced a member of a Michigan militia group that schemed to kidnap the governor to 6 years in prison, Michigan Live reported on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (read story here).

Ty Garbin, 25, the first of 14 plotters arrested, cooperated with authorities and “is expected to testify against” the others. He told police the plotters were serious and “planned to do this.”

His participation turned out to be a costly mistake. In addition to wasting several years of his life behind bars, as a convicted felon he won’t be able to get a security clearance, join the military or become a police officer, and will be excluded from many other jobs. (He’s worked as an aircraft mechanic in the past.)

The accused plotters are rightwing extremists who were angry about the governor’s Covid-19 orders that probably saved lives. Incredibly, their actions were defended by a rogue sheriff (read about him here) who contended they had a “right” to “arrest” the governor. Six years in prison says otherwise.

It also sends a message that America is still a civilized nation that won’t tolerate political violence against public officials.

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