GOP dirty tricksters fined $5 million for robocalls

Last year, GOP dirty tricksters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman (read their rap sheets here and here) originated over 85,000 robocalls to mostly black voters trying to discourage them from voting by falsely warning them that returning mail ballots would reveal personal information which cops would use to serve warrants, credit card companies would use to collect debts, and that would be used to hunt down unvaccinated people.

These illegal robocalls “identified Burkman by name and used Wohl’s cell phone as the caller ID.” Not the smartest phone scammers this side of the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field.

In addition to being indicted in Ohio and Michigan (see article here), and under investigation in New York, these two cowboys just got slapped by the FCC with a $5,134,500 fine. Read that story here. To read about the amusing fake FBI raid they staged against themselves, go here. To see Wohl get punched by a BLM protester, then run away like a scared feral cat, go here.

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