FDA vaccine approval makes no difference to GOP governor

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order “banning any governmental entity in the state from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of its approval status” almost immediately after the FDA “granted full approval” to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine,” The Hill reported on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (read story here).

The order supersedes Gov. Abbott’s previous executive order banning mandates for “vaccines administered under an emergency use authorization.”

This order says, “No governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Which proves the GOP’s war against Covid-19 vaccinations isn’t about legitimate safety or efficacy concerns, but rather is politics-driven.

Texas has recently seen a stunning rise in Covid-19 delta variant cases, and is running out of ICU beds (story here).

Meanwhile Gov. Abbott, who claims he’s already received a booster shot (for more about that, watch the video below), has tested positive for Covid-19 (story here).

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