This Capitol rioter threatened to kill his family if they squealed on him

Guy Reffitt (photo), 48, of Wylie, Texas, is likely in big trouble.

A member of the Three Percenters, a violent anti-government group, he messaged two other Capitol rioters that he was  setting up a “security business” to get police weaponry.

He showed up for the Capitol riot in militia gear. Charges against him include carrying a handgun in the Capitol, which CNN says “undercuts false claims from Trump and prominent Republican lawmakers that the rioters weren’t armed.” (At least 10 other Capitol rioters also face firearms-related charges; read about them here.)

Reffitt’s son, 18, and daughter, 16, don’t deny he threatened to kill them if they cooperated with authorities, but they insist he just talks a lot and says a lot of things he doesn’t mean. But that helped persuade a federal magistrate to keep him in jail. Reffitt probably will go to trial, and he’s probably looking at serious time if he’s convicted.

And, of course, as a convicted felon he couldn’t legally own or possess a gun, and could kiss goodbye to his “security business” license, too.

Read story here, and more about him here.

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