Where is Jared’s peace plan now?

Dead on arrival, it seems.

It was never a real peace plan anyway.

Jared is a citizen of Israel. His “plan” was heavily skewed in favor of Israel (read details here). The Palestinians couldn’t be expected to accept it, nor did they. Nor did Israel’s rightwing leader, Netanyahu, honor it.

The fact is, events have move far beyond what Jared Kushner sketched out on paper. In the usual, predictable, direction. Again.

The writer of the CNN piece linked above says Israel has two choices: “A two-state solution means that Palestinians will ultimately receive their own homeland in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, removing them from Israeli control. The alternative would mean a single nation of Israel that includes Palestinian Arabs as citizens,” who in time would become a majority, based on current demographic trends.

Israel is unlikely to do either. And that likely means things will not change much from what they are now.

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