Bamboo ballots

Expecting Republicans to say things that are nuts is becoming routine.

Their latest crazy conspiracy theory involves their staged “audit” of Maricopa County’s ballots.

If you aren’t following the story, Arizona GOP legislators commissioned an unofficial recount of that county’s 2020 ballots, as part of their continuing effort to propagate election lies.

They hired a private company with no election experience, run by a vocal Trump supporter who promotes false election conspiracy theories, to conduct it. Journalists and impartial observers aren’t allowed to watch. The methods don’t conform to accepted election practices, and election experts are calling it a sham. I previously wrote no one should believe its results.

Enter the “bamboo ballots.”

Summary: 40,000 fake ballots were brought in from China. The giveaway is they’re printed on bamboo paper. Because China doesn’t have trees (and, by inference, doesn’t import wood or pulp, either). If you believe this, they have a whole tub of other stupidities to sell to you, too.

Actually, I hope they do claim their “auditors” found 40,000 ballots printed on bamboo paper, because if they discredit themselves, that will save other people the work of having to do it.

Read story here.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s secretary of state, Katie Hobbs (photo, right), a Democrat and vocal critic of the fake recount, is being protected by state police. “The death threats are pouring in,” her press secretary told CNN. Read that story here.

Folks, the GOP isn’t a political party anymore. It’s a clown show.

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