The $299 supermask

So many people are so stupid about Covid-19 that masks probably will be with us forever, even for folks who’ve been vaccinated, because none of the vaccines are 100% effective at warding off stupidity.

And, anyway, facial masks are becoming fashion items. You can even get them with polka dots and smiley faces. “People wear sneakers even though they don’t play basketball … they’re just cultural items that we go out and buy,” said a mask entrepreneur (here).

Enter the Air Jordans of masks.

Dubbed the Xupermask, it retails for 299 bucks, and comes with attention to detail, aesthetics, a patented HEPA filtering system, 7-hour battery life, L.E.D. lights, fans, noise-canceling earphones, and a 30-day free trial subscription to a sci-fi film streaming service. (I’m not sure about that last one; I might’ve misread the specs.) Ordering info (possibly) can be found here.

Hey, whatever works. I want one with air conditioning, but apparently that’s still in development.

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