8 years in prison for a door knock?


It’s possible, if you’re talking about Georgia, the defendant is black, and the door knock was a protest against a racist voter suppression law. Read story here. After all, that state’s racists just made it a crime to hand a water bottle to a black voter waiting hours in line to vote (something white voters in Georgia don’t have to do).

After all, in Texas, another state run by Republican racists, a black woman got 5 years in prison for casting a provisional ballot that wasn’t counted after a poll worker told her she could (read that story here).

America is a country bitterly divided over race. If you thought the civil rights movement of the 1960s ended our racial divisions, you were wrong. If you thought it was no longer acceptable in our society to be openly racist, you were wrong. If you thought a racist running on a white supremacy platform couldn’t get elected president, you were wrong. If you thought southern states are no longer passing racist laws, you were wrong. If you thought black people were no longer being lynched, you were wrong (now, the police do it, instead of robed Klansmen).

As a country, we’ve still got work to do. And we mustn’t let racists get a way with any of this.

If this woman goes to jail, Georgia should become a pariah state. No tourism, no travel, no sports, no business. A total boycott. Georgia’s Republicans must be made to understand in no uncertain terms that respectable America won’t tolerate this.

Imagine this: What if these two black women get prison time, but the white supremacist terrorists who tried to overthrow our government and kill its leaders get acquitted, or get probation, or get light jail terms? I guarantee that if this happens, we won’t be able to lecture China about how they treat their minorities, or any other government engaging in brutal oppression. They’ll laugh in our faces and point fingers at us.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    There is one thing being left out. The woman is a member of the Georgia legislature. While she may disagree or have buyers remorse the legislature passed the bill and it went to the Governor. Unless she was there to support what ever the Gov was going to do and smile and clap in support her role was done. There is separation of the branches of government and her actions bring condemnation upon herself and the legislature. Yes she can be arrested, should be arrested and tried in court. She may well get to spend time in the prison system for her actions. It will be interesting what the judge tells her, especially if the judge is black and throws the book at her as should be done here.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Apparently you’re not a big believer in peaceful protest. What’s your position on violent protest? If she gets 8 years for knocking on the governor’s door during a bill signing ceremony, how much prison time should the Capitol insurrectionists get for smashing out windows and doors, assaulting cops, and hunting members of Congress with intent to kill to prevent them from counting electoral votes?