Pennsylvania’s 3 known voting fraud cases involve Trump supporters

Following the contentious 2020 presidential election, a total of 3 Pennsylvania residents have been charged by authorities with voting fraud.

Bruce Bartman, 70, used his dead mother’s driver’s license to obtain an absentee ballot and voted in her name. He used his late mother-in-law’s social security number to request an absentee ballot in her name, but didn’t submit that ballot, according to authorities.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “A task force of prosecutors, detectives and other officials dedicated to investigating claims of election fraud” investigated scores of tips and leads, but Bartman’s was the only case of actual voting fraud they found.

He faces multiple felony charges for perjury and unlawful voting, and authorities said he’ll be prosecuted. His lawyer explains, “In his political frustration, he chose to do something stupid.” Right.

Ralph Thurman, 71, another Trump supporter, is accused of voting twice by donning a disguise and pretending to be his son. Robert Lynn, 67, also a Trump supporter, was arrested in October for requesting an absentee ballot in his dead mother’s name.

Bottom line, when Republicans bleat about voting fraud in Pennsylvania, in reality they’re talking about their own supporters. Read stories here, here, and here.

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