Mark Cuban teaches capitalism to Sen. Josh Hawley


See complete text of Hawley’s tweet below:Image

[Editor’s note: The First Amendment only applies to government, not private companies, which can censor to their heart’s content. A U.S. Senator doesn’t know that? Of course he does. Hawley is a Yale Law graduate and former Supreme Court clerk. Mark Cuban, if you don’t know, is a billionaire entrepreneur; but not, apparently, the owner of the publisher in question. In this case, Cuban appears to merely be commenting on Hawley’s dispute with his publisher.

For a story about other blowback coming Hawley’s way for his role in helping to incite the deadly insurrection, click here.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    [Off-topic portion deleted — Ed.] Publishers should be concerned about that free speech thing and should not bend to political pressure to publish or not publish. It should be a self interest thing, who being in the biz and may want to run for President should mean we should look at his statement here critically.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Publishing houses are private businesses and can publish whatever they choose. They are not bound by “free speech” principles. It’s not “a self-interest” thing because Cuban doesn’t own the publisher and had no role in the decision, a fact I pointed out that apparently flew over your head; he’s simply an uninvolved third party commenting about it.

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