Compilation of Capitol Riot Stories

Collected from The-Ave.US front page:

Feeble Defender:

Rush Limbaugh Praises Mob, Compares Riot To Lexington And Concord — story here

Casualty List:

Capitol Police Officer Dies From Riot Injuries — story here

Four Rioters Died; Shot, Trampled, Heart Attack, Stroke — story here

Will Trump Be Forced Out?

Wall Street Journal Calls On Trump To Resign — story here

Democrats to Pence: Invoke 25th Amendment or We’ll Impeach Him — story here

Democrats, Republicans, and Business Leaders Explore Removing Trump — story here

Cabinet Officials, Trump Staffers Jump Ship — stories here, here, and here

Federal Prosecutors Not Ruling Out Charges Against Trump — story here

Social Media Companies Block Trump — story here


Democratic Rep. Calls For Expulsion of “Treason Caucus” Of Electoral Vote Challengers — story here

Former Backers Turn Against GOP Senator Who Led Challenges — stories here and here

Employers Fire Rioters — story here

Trump Law Aimed at BLM Protesters Could Get Rioters 10 Years — story here

Capitol Security Chiefs Ousted; Capitol Police Chief, House & Senate Sergeants At Arms, Lose Their Jobs For Failing To Protect Capitol — stories here, here, and here

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