Florida’s vaccinations of the elderly descend into chaos

   “Florida’s county-by-county plan to vaccinate its elderly population has created a mass scramble for a limited number of doses, leading to hourslong lines at vaccination sites and overwhelmed county hotlines and websites,” CNN reported on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

   One Florida county that had just 300 doses invited “high-risk frontline health care workers to come to one of seven vaccination sites” without appointments, which “led to huge lines forming overnight Tuesday as people camped out on lawn chairs and waited for hours,” CNN said. Read story here.
   Unlike most states, Florida doesn’t have county health departments. It has a state health department with local branches, which under one of America’s worst governors has become highly politicized (read my previous articles on this topic here and here) and, apparently, incapable of carrying out an orderly vaccination program.
   Photo below: Under GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, health care workers and elderly people have to wait in line in the cold and dark to get Covid-19 shots

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