Will the Harriet Tubman $20 bill make a comeback under Biden?

The plates have existed since 2018, but Trump’s treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, said it would take 10 years to start printing the bills because of “technical difficulties.”

Yeah, a racist in the White House who can’t stand black people — least of all, black voters — and is a big admirer of the incumbent likeness on the $20 bill, Andrew Jackson, slaveowner and genocidal Indian killer, is a technical difficulty.

But not for much longer. With the “technical difficulties” about to disappear, I see no reason why the 10-year rollout can’t be shortened to a few weeks, or anyway, a few months. Incoming treasury secretary Janet Yellen should look into it. And with all the money the government is printing — another $2.3 trillion this week — it’s not like the treasury couldn’t use some more twenties.

Read more about the “technical difficulties” here.

(image is not actual size or real currency; don’t try to pass this at a Seven-Eleven)

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  1. Mark Adams #

    There could be a musical called “Jackson” as the future hit wonder of a reopened Broadway.

    It is of course the irony of having a President that did not support a National Bank nor paper money is the most likely reason Jackson is on the twenty at all. Our treasury department little joke.

    And will we care in a hundred years. Not like Lady Justice was on the twenty, oh she was several times

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