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Herewith pithy examples of liberal thinking posted on, a Seattle-based blog, on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

By “RedReformed”:

“Sanders on McConnell: ‘When children are going hungry in America, suddenly we don’t have enough money’

“Can our ‘christians’ who post here be outraged that abortion is murder but be silent when republicans let born babies go hungry because it would raise a millionaire’s taxes?

By “Elijah”:

“Kinda hard to put much faith in calls for ‘national unity’ and ‘solidarity’ when 70 million of your fellow citizens want to obliterate your right to vote.

“Being tolerant and classically liberal-minded should not constitute an invitation to annihilation. As with all things, liberal-mindedness must include limits. The Republican Party has now reached that limit. Standing as they now do for the elimination of free and fair democratic elections in favor of the imposition of authoritarian rule by force, there should be no consideration of compromise negotiation with members of that party.”


“The very thing Texas is complaining about other states having done, Texas did. [Gov. Greg] Abbott, citing the pandemic emergency, extended the early voting period and the deadline for hand delivering mail-in ballots.

“As you know, when ‘the government’ moves in a lawsuit, they do so as a whole, representing ‘the people’. The court will not bifurcate the legal actions of one part of the government from the claims of another when they are acting in concert. Texas’ Attorney General will have to respond to the court explaining how the election results of Texas have not also violated the rights of Texans.”

[Ed. note: It’s probably just as well for the Republicans that their Texas lawsuit didn’t make it to the explaining stage.]

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