Anti-maskers beat up bowling alley manager and employee

The manager and another employee of a Maryland bowling alley were assaulted by a group of men after asking them to wear masks and ordering them to leave when they refused, ABC News reported on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. The bowling alley requires masks.

“According to police, one of the men pushed the manager when he was asked to leave. When the manager escorted the patrons outside, one of the men punched the manager and knocked him down. Police said the other men in the group then hit and kicked the manager while he was down. Another bowling alley employee came to help the manager and was also assaulted by the group,” ABC News said. Read story here.

The men left and haven’t been identified or arrested yet, but presumably will be banned for life from the bowling alley, be hit with personal injury lawsuits, and face criminal charges. All over a mask requirement.

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