Lawsuit claims Tyson lied to workers about Covid-19 risks

A federal lawsuit alleges Tyson Foods lied to interpreters for non-English speaking workers at its Waterloo, Iowa, pork processing plant where over 1,000 workers became infected with Covid-19 and 5 of them died, the Des Moines Register reported on Monday, November 30, 2020 (read story here).

According to the lawsuit, plant managers told the interpreters the plant had been “cleared” by local health authorities and had no confirmed cases, when neither of those things was true.

The plant was closed for two weeks in late April and early May because of the outbreak there.

The same plant also is now under investigation for managers there allegedly running a betting pool on how many workers would become sick (story here).

Photos: Above, screens now installed on production line; below, the production line before safety measures were implemented.

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