RNC, Michigan GOP try to delay certifying Biden’s win

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The Republican National Committee and Michigan Republican Party have joined Trump’s efforts to delay certifying that state’s election results, Huffington Post reported on Saturday, November 21, 2020.

“RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox asked Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers in a letter on Saturday to delay certification of the state’s election results for two weeks to ‘allow for a full audit and investigation’ into alleged voting ‘anomalies and irregularities.’ McDaniel and Cox specifically called for an audit of the results in Wayne County, which includes Detroit and is home to a significant number of Black voters and Democrats,” Huffington Post said,


“There is zero evidence of significant voter fraud in Wayne County ― or anywhere else in Michigan (or the U.S. as a whole, for that matter). In their letter, McDaniel and Cox provided no proof for their allegations.”

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Let’s be clear about two things. First, all of Michigan’s counties have certified, which means their results are final and not subject to “audit and investigation.” By Michigan law, the state board’s certification of the statewide results is ministerial, i.e. a non-discretionary formality. The November 23 deadline is set by law, and there’s no legal grounds for delaying certification. If the board refuses to certify, a judge can make them do it, and/or the governor can replace the board members.

Second, what McDaniel and Cox are talking about is black voters. The “anomalies and irregularities” they’re referring to is black people voting in Wayne County. Trump is a racist who considers black votes “fraudulent” and wants them all thrown out. Joining in that effort makes them and their organizations racist, too.

Photos: Ronna McDaniel (left) and Laura Cox (right)

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