This is America’s Putin moment

It’s time for Republicans to choose: Are they for freedom or tyranny?

“President Donald Trump has invited Republican state lawmakers from Michigan to the White House on Friday” after reaching out to canvassing board members who blocked certifying election results, CNN reported on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Read story here.

They should not go, and if they do, freedom-loving Americans should turn their backs on them and their party.

It’s no secret what he’s up to: “Trump is trying to block or delay the process in key states as part of a long-shot effort to overturn his election defeat through the Electoral College. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other allies have suggested that GOP state legislatures in battleground states Biden won should try to use a delay in certification to appoint their own slate of electors and ignore the states’ popular votes for Biden.”

CNN election law expert Rick Hasen wrote, “Even though it is extremely unlikely to work, it is profoundly antidemocratic and a violation of the rule of law. It’s inexcusable.” Biden called it “outrageous.” Those are gross understatements.

Each one of us must understand what it represents. This is America’s Putin moment. For generations, we’ve been told that power belongs to the people, we choose our leaders, and they work for us. If we can’t vote Trump out of office — which we clearly did — then we are no longer free, and he’s no longer an elected president, but a dictator who seized power against the will of the people.

He can’t do it alone. It requires the complicity of people like those canvassing board members and the legislators Trump is courting. They must say no. If Republicans cross this line, they will become a totalitarian party. It’s imperative, for their own reputations and the future of their party, for every Republican judge, elected official, legislator, lawyer, and election worker to distance themselves from this right now.

This has landed squarely in the laps of those Michigan GOP legislators, and their answer will define them and their party. This is the wrong time, and the wrong reason, to visit the White House. If they are Americans, if they love their country, if they respect our freedoms, they must refuse Trump’s invitation.

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  1. Republicans have made it clear 76 million voted for tyranny #

    Can it be any more clear?

    Joe Biden won the election and trump is now trying to flip the Michigan election results by calling in the Michigan Republicans to the White House in order to change his Michigan loss to a win.

    Never mind that this goes against the laws and everything that we upheld in the legitimate voting rights of the American people. It’s illegal, but laws don’t matter in a desperate move by a despot.

    Republican trump voters knew exactly what they were voting for: tyranny, dictatorship, racism and elimination of democracy.

    It will bite back and cost all of us our freedoms, and much, much more.

    Meanwhile, Covid 19 is raging across America, while trump and pence are scheming how to steal the election results and ignoring the dying Americans. Why? Because they are protected with the best medical care, best testing kits, best personal protection equipment. They have also been responsible for super spreading this virus as well.

    Americans voting them out, but they refuse to accept the results.

    God help us all.

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