The fall of Trump

Read CNN correspondent John Harwood’s brilliant takedown of Trump here. Excerpts:

“Until now, life has taught Trump one overriding lesson. One way or another — with lawyers and lies, family money and shameless bluster — he has always found a way to skate past trouble. …

“The modern Republican Party, increasingly estranged from facts and reason, became an ideal hothouse for his deceit. … It was flim-flam — like his outlandish pledges on economic growth, health care, budget deficits and international ‘deals’ of all kinds. …

“Trump’s Electoral College lightning strike over Hillary Clinton turned out to be his high-water mark. From the first day of his presidency … most Americans have told pollsters they consider him dishonest. The first chance voters got to issue a verdict on his presidency, in the 2018 midterm elections, they handed control of the House to his Democratic adversaries.

“Trump’s stranglehold on the nation’s Republican minority has provided safe harbor so long as Republicans are all he needs. … Last week’s general election was different. Trump’s jury was not limited to fellow Republicans. It was the broader electorate of 150 million Americans, neither scared of nor dependent upon him. To the contrary, tens of millions considered him a threat to be ousted from the White House … [and] a clear majority did just that …. The voters have fired him.”

Doesn’t say much for the Republican Party that slavishly fell in line behind him, or the people who voted for him, does it? Those who voted for him in 2016, but changed their minds in 2020, can be forgiven. But, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Only it may turn out Democrats may end up wishing Trump had won or manages to stay in office. Unlike the Democrats for the past 4 years the Republicans will have a national leader. Trump may not run in 2024, but if he would do so he may well do a Chester Arthur.

    If Trump fails in winning he maybe very sore loser and return the treatment he has received. Payback is a bitch.

    Biden did not get a mandate, if anything the Democrats are worse off in the House, and the Senate is likely out of reach. The Democrats likely will lose the House in the midterms, as that has been the pattern over the past 5 administrations.

    Trump could appoint a special prosecutor, so that future Republican House can impeach Biden. They should if they take over the House in 2022.

    The Senate is not going to go easily down the track Biden wants to go.

    If it was not for Corvid and the crushed economy Trump would have easily won a second term. If the actions taken by the Trump administration manages to get a vaccine out before Biden inauguration a lot of wind and political currency will disappear. making peace with

    If China consolidates its actions on Hong Kong and invades Taiwan in 2021 what does a Biden administration do? Will it end the Korean war? Will it talk to North Korea? Will it go all in on the Iran agreement and loose the Arab States. My gut tells me we will be at war again soon.

    As with Trump there maybe no honeymoon.

    Also Trump won states fair and square, More voters voted for him than any other loosing candidate, and more than a few winning candidates. Trump has made the Republican more open to blacks, Hispanics and others.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    How does a private citizen appoint a special prosecutor? And why is a special prosecutor necessary for the House to impeach a president?

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