Trump visa change could expel 12,000 doctors

     Trump is making it “more difficult to renew J-1 exchange visitor visas, which allow scholars, doctors and others to live temporarily in the US while they study or receive training,” CNN reported on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

     “Visitors on J-1 visas are admitted to the US for the length of their training program — for doctors, it’s typically a one-year contract at a hospital, renewed annually for the duration of their residency. When physicians on J-1 visas … get their contracts extended for another year, they then apply for visa renewal.”
     But under the proposed rule, they will also have to apply to US Customs and Immigration Services, and processing those requests could take over a year, interrupting doctors’ ability to keep working at their hospitals, CNN says. Read story here.
     Another example of the irrationality of Trump’s xenophobic racism.
Photo: “Get out of my country!” 

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