10/19/20 relief bill update

Pelosi, representing Democrats, and Mnuchin, representing the White House, are still talking and Pelosi reported some “progress,” but also “highlighted several lingering disputes, including a national testing strategy and state and local government relief. Pelosi also cited tax credit expansion, child care provisions and support for the U.S. Census as areas of disagreement,” CBNC reported on Monday, October 19, 2020.

And, “even if Pelosi and Mnuchin can forge a deal, Senate Republicans will pose an obstacle to passing it,” CNBC said, because most GOP senators oppose spending the amounts Pelosi ($2.2 trillion) and Mnuchin ($1.8 trillion) are negotiating over. Meanwhile, McConnell plans to push a $500 billion bill — a nonstarter for Democrats — through Senate votes over the next two days.

Read CNBC story here. For more details, see Vox story here.

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