“Hunter Biden emails” probably are Russian disinformation

A clumsy smear attempt against Joe Biden is falling apart just 24 hours later.

The New York Post ran a cover story on Thursday, October 14, 2020, alleging that Biden’s son, Hunter, dropped off three damaged laptop computers at an obscure computer shop miles from his home, never returned for them, and the shop owner found politically damaging emails on the hard drives.

The shop owner, a Trump “superfan,” said he turned the emails over to Rudy Giuliani, a Trump confidente with ties to Russian intelligence agents. Metadata on the emails indicated they were created months after the computers allegedly were dropped off by a person the shop owner said he couldn’t positively identify as Hunter Biden.

Facebook banned the Post story from its platform, but Twitter allowed users to share it. Most media are reporting the story as an FBI investigation into possible Russian disinformation.

The New York Daily News, a Post rival, ran a cover mocking Giuliani.

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