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Unpacking the Supreme Court

If you can pack the Supreme Court, why can’t you unpack it? This isn’t my idea; it’s National Review’s idea. “The Case for Shrinking the Supreme Court By MICHAEL STOKES PAULSEN October 19, 2016 8:00 AM Congress should strike a blow against judicial activism and for poli[...]

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I had a dream about Newton last night. It seemsĀ to me that what Newton actually discovered is a pretty good definition of”God” if you strip away the idea that God is a person. The fundamental laws of science are .. eternal and not limited time or space. If one looks at what Christians, [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Hitchins and Hume on Miracles


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Want to be a lawyer?

Having traveled that road, here are my thoughts. Reading comprehension, clear writing, and analytical skills are paramount. You don’t have to be any good at math. Most lawyers aren’t (see, e.g., this). To get into law school, you have to make good grades in college, and get a high score [...]