Rightwinger killed at Denver protest by TV crew’s security guard

A private security guard hired by a Denver TV station to protect its news crew killed a Patriot Muster protester on Saturday, October 10, 2020, during protests and counter-protests in downtown Denver.

The security guard was contracted through Pinkerton to the TV station. He didn’t have a required city license. The state doesn’t require armed security guards to be licensed.

The shooting occurred between an art museum and library where temporary fences had been erected. Police said the protests were winding down at the time. Police in the area immediately arrested the security guard and a TV producer (man in blue shirt), but the latter was promptly released.

Video, photos, witnesses, and media reports indicate there was a verbal altercation, the victim slapped the security guard (below), then maced him, followed by a single shot. A Denver Post photographer captured the instant the victim was shot (left). He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead about an hour later.

Just before the fatal confrontation, the victim argued with a BLM protester and deliberately bumped him. A third person separated them. The victim walked away and moments later assaulted the security guard for unknown reasons.

Police recovered a gun from the victim’s body and photos show he was reaching into his shirt when he was shot.

Dolloff is in jail but hasn’t been charged with anything. His lawyer says he claims self-defense. For an analysis of Colorado self-defense law, click here.

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