Mask wars update, 10/5/20

This article contains news and liberal commentary.

WAR ROOM, MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2020 — White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany (pronounced “McNinny” as in “ninny” or idiot) and two of her staffers tested positive. Read story here.

The Rose Garden Super Spreader Event, a/k/a Supreme Court announcement ceremony, claims yet another victim (up to 11 now, including Trump), a pastor attendee who tested positive. Read story here.

A high school football game in Idaho was called off at halftime when Amon Bundy, of Bundy family and Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation infamy, showed up without a mask, refused to wear one, and refused to leave. Even if Bundy isn’t Covid-19 positive, he’s a carrier of infectious anti-government stupidity. Read story here.

A fight broke out in a plane cabin on an Allegiant Airlines flight headed for Provo, Utah (where else?), when a passenger with a face shield who refused to wear a mask, and then threw punches at another passenger who intervened in his argument with the flight attendant, was ejected from the flight. Photo above and read story here.

A Massachusetts High School went to online-only classes after several students attended a weekend party “while not wearing masks and not practicing physical distancing.” Read story here.

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