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Gays hijack #ProudBoys hashtag

Click on @ProudBoys and you’ll get the gay community. “The Proud Boys hashtag … was trending Sunday after gay men on Twitter hijacked it and flooded the feed with photos of their loved ones and families and with memes. … Since Saturday night, the #ProudBoys hashtag has been i[...]

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TrumpWatch 10/4/20

This article contains news and liberal commentary. Update 10/4/20 @ 9:45 pm: It’s now clear the White House and Trump’s doctors withheld information. It also came out Sunday that Pelosi isn’t being briefed. CNN asked Dick Cheney’s cardiologist what he makes of the information[...]

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Rightwing media’s shrieking grievance peddlers

This article is liberal commentary. Victimhood is an essential piece of conservative mythology which plays a key role in mobilizing the right. Conservative propaganda labors to manufacture a strong sense of grievance among adherents, seeking to convince them they’re victims of profound mistrea[...]

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GOP dirty tricksters may get jail time for vote suppression robocalls

This article contains news and liberal commentary. Michigan has filed felony charges against two of the GOP’s nastiest dirty tricksters, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, for voter intimidation and computer crimes related to 85,000 robocalls threatening “arrest, debt collection and forced vac[...]

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The strangest Republican of all time

He wasn’t a Ted Bundy, but close. Byron Looper (1964 – 2013) was a unique sort of politician. In 1988, he ran for Georgia legislature as a Democrat and lost to an incumbent. In 1994, he tried his luck running for the Tennessee legislature as a Republican and lost to an incumbent. In 1996,[...]

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How to weigh a fat bear

Coaxing them onto a truck scale in the wilds of Alaska isn’t practical. Besides, who’s going to push, pull, or shove a bear onto a scale? I suppose one way is to throw the bear into a swimming pool, then calculate how much water it displaces. A bear will displace a weight of water equal [...]

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Using whale songs to warn ships

The Santa Barbara Channel serves the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports, making it a busy shipping lane. Several whale species, including giant blue whales, use it as a migration route. Because of that, ships collide with whales in the Channel about half a dozen times a year, usually with fatal conseq[...]

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Could a virus wipe out humanity?

Covid-19 may be only the beginning. There could be worse pandemics over the horizon, perhaps a train of them, like tornados in echelon wreaking havoc across the Great Plains. Could one of them wipe out homo sapiens? Obviously the odds of this must be low, because we’ve been around for a coupl[...]

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Photo of the Week: Superspreader

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Is this a classical era PC or Mac as seen in a Greek Sculpture?  Click for answer.[...]