Arrest in Compton police ambush

He’s not a BLM protester.

Police arrested a 36-year-old carjacker and career criminal for the September 12, 2020, ambush wounding of a pair of Compton, California, deputies sitting in a parked patrol car. (Read story here.)

They didn’t have to look far to find him. He was already in their jail for a September 1, 2020, carjacking, for which he was arrested two weeks later after a 9-hour standoff with police (read that story here). He was identified as the Compton shooter by matching the gun used in the carjacking to the latter crime.

The suspect, Deonte Murray, is an ex-felon Compton resident who “hates police officers and wants them dead,” according to police, with prior convictions for narcotics, felon in possession of a firearm, terroristic threats, and burglary (read more about him here).

Photo: Scene of Murray’s arrest after standoff on September 15, 2020 

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