Report: Trump mocks evangelicals behind their backs

Trump counts evangelicals among his staunchest supporters, but mocks them behind their backs. Asked about it, a White House flack said, “The president is … well known for joking and his terrific sense of humor.” Huh???

Trump has a sense of humor?

Trump refers to evangelical leaders as “hustlers,” is intensely interested in how they make money, and views them as a “special-interest group to be schmoozed, conned, or bought off,” according to former Trump aides, an Atlantic journalist wrote in an article published on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 (read it here).

Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time personal attorney and fixer, recalls Trump returning from a 2011 meeting with pastors who laid hands on him and sneering, “Can you believe that bullshit?” Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization exec, said, “I always assumed he was an atheist. He’s not a religious guy.” I did, too.

Can you determine which person in the photo below is napping while the others are praying?

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