Republicans trade lives for freedom: Your life, their freedom

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“The number of coronavirus-linked deaths worldwide surpassed the 1 million mark on Monday, … according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The United States has recorded the highest number of cases and deaths to date …. A University of Washington model that almost exactly pinpointed when the U.S. would cross the 200,000 mark now envisions at least 371,000 deaths by Jan. 1.” (Story here.)

Summer’s over, but the pandemic persists. … And the next few months could get ugly where Covid-19 is concerned …. [T]he guidance for avoiding coronavirus is the same as it’s been for months: Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly; keep at least six feet of distance from other people and wear a cloth face mask when distance isn’t possible. But the features of fall require a new vigilance from Americans, many of whom are tired of exercising the caution it takes to live in a pandemic, physicians say.” (Read story here.)

“South Dakota is seeing the highest seven-day coronavirus positivity rate in the US. … Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken told CNN’s John King that his state values personal freedom — so there haven’t been many lockdowns and restrictions.” (Read story here.)

“Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, is decrying the political polarization that has led some Americans to question the science behind climate change and COVID-19 …. [He] bemoaned how simple, scientifically approved ways of combating the virus — such as wearing a face mask or getting a vaccine once one becomes available — have become controversial issues.” (Read story here.)

It’s wrong to think Republicans made mistakes in handling the Covid-19 crisis. They made deliberate decisions to sacrifice other people’s health and lives on an altar of selfishness. In Texas, a Republican official was explicit about that when he said “there are more important things than living” and senior citizens should be willing to die to keep businesses open (read story here). Their selfishness even extends to refusing to wear masks in public or comply with social distancing to keep others safe. We should treat their attitude with dismay, shock, and horror. And with an election just around the corner, there’s no better or more useful way to express our contempt for what they’re doing to us than at the ballot box.

Photos: Above left, anti-masker jerks; lower right, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican, made the evil argument that senior citizens should sacrifice their lives to keep businesses open; bottom, a Colorado meat plant worker killed by Covid-19 is buried on April 15, 2020.

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