Covid-19 spread like “wildfire” in Notre Dame football team

     Eighteen Notre Dame football players tested positive for Covid-19 after sharing a pre-game meal before a game on September 19, 2020, CNN reported. A player who threw up on the sidelines during the game, and tested Covid-19 positive, is believed to have infected the others.
     “We had somebody who was asymptomatic, and it spread like wildfire throughout our meeting area where we were eating,” head coach Brian Kelly told ESPN. Ten days later, 25 Notre Dame players are in isolation, 14 more are in quarantine, and Notre Dame postponed last Saturday’s scheduled game against Wake Forest. Read story here.
     Think it’s contained, and everybody can go back to normal? Good luck with that.
     Photo: Notre Dame taking the field against Wake Forest on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

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