Trump “disgraceful” in first debate

Trump’s debate strategy was:

Create chaos. Interrupt the moderator. Overtalk Biden.

Don’t let anyone else talk. And tell lies — lots and lots of lies.

What CNN‘s commentators are saying:

CNN’s Jake Tapper called it a “dumpster fire.”

Trump “came out way too hot” and was out of control.

The moderator (Chris Wallace from Fox News) lost control.

This was the “worst” and “most disgraceful” debate in history.

Consultant David Axelrod thinks this debate “ended Trump’s presidency.”

Journalist Gloria Borger described Trump as “contemptible, monstrous, a new low.”

Author and commentator Van Jones says, “Even my Republican friends are embarrassed.”

Ex-GOP Sen. Rick Santorum believes “Trump got hurt” by his refusal to condemn white supremacy.

Other descriptions of the debate: “Shameful,” “frightening,” “this isn’t what democracy is supposed to be.”

CNN‘s post-debate poll of debate watchers:

CNN says this group included Democrats, Republicans, and independents with a slight Democratic lean.

Before the debate, they expected Biden to win the debate by 56%-43%.

After the debate, they thought Biden won the debate by 60%-23%.

As for who was more truthful, 65% chose Biden and 28% chose Trump.

Will Biden participate in the remaining debates?

CNN‘s journalists raised this question, but both the Biden campaign and Kamala Harris said “yes.”

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  1. No expectations fulfilled No disappointment #

    Trump was fast and furious, slick speed talking and constantly interrupting. He couldn’t verbally stay quiet, or be still at all, if he wanted to.

    Trump was right about one thing, he should have been drug tested for uppers before the debate.

  2. Enuff said #

    There was only one presidential man in this debacle called debate and that was Biden.

    Trump was outclassed.

    Biden 2020