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Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

Tattoos aren’t exactly forever, but definitely are easier to get than get rid of. “It’s a long story” that starts with getting drunk and “late one night … I got the Republican elephant tattooed” on her ass. For a while, she “was quite pleased” with h[...]

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GOP governor: Business over lives

This article contains news with liberal commentary. Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis abolished face mask enforcement and lifted restrictions on all businesses in the state, including restaurants and bars, on Monday, September 28, 2020, according to ABC News. Read story here. Under DeSantis’ order[...]

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Trump’s business career

Below is the picture of Trump’s business career painted by his tax returns. From a CNN article; read details here. Trump paid no or little federal income taxes for years Many of his businesses are burning huge piles of cash Trump Tower in New York is a major moneymaker Trump’s D.C. hotel[...]

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Should the Catholic Church dictate public school curriculum?

This article contains news and liberal commentary. Washington enacted a law in 2020 mandating comprehensive sex education in public schools.  Its purpose is “to protect young people from sexual abuse, diseases and infections.” Huffington Post described the sex ed curriculum as follows: [...]

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Moody’s says Democrats better for economy

A Democratic sweep would bring a faster job market recovery, millions more jobs, shrink the unemployment rate faster, and boost the number of workers in the labor force, according to Moody’s Analytics. If Biden wins the White House and Democrats control Congress, the economy would add 18.6 million[...]

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Law and order

Read story here. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

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Freak who helped elect Trump hauled to rubber room

This article contains news and commentary that sensitive Republicans may feel is unkind.  “Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale was taken from his Fort Lauderdale home by police Sunday afternoon after his wife reported that he was armed and threatening suicide,” the Sun Senti[...]

September 28th, 2020 - 7:30 am § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

GOP lawyers downplay Trump’s election threats

This article contains news with liberal commentary. “Conservative lawyers are brushing off … Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election …, saying there are safeguards in place to ensure a proper transition whether the president voluntaril[...]