BLM protester charged with attempted murder for car attack

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A BLM protester who ran over two Trump supporters in Long Beach, California, on Saturday, September 26, 2020, is being charged with attempted murder. Both victims were hospitalized with broken bones nad other serious injuries. Read story here.

The incident occurred at a library where Trump supporters had gathered to confront BLM protesters and fights broke out when the Trump people crossed the street to tangle with the protesters.

The suspect, Tatiana Turner (photo, above left), 40, was with the BLM group, and drove her car out of the library parking lot into a crowd of Trump supporters who were in the street.

There have been about 40 car attacks against BLM protesters, including peaceful protesters, since the George Floyd protests began last spring. Many of those drivers haven’t been arrested or charged. Some BLM opponents have argued that protesters who block streets are fair game. By that rationale, Turner shouldn’t be in jail. But don’t expect them to come to her defense.

A typical argument is that scared drivers are simply trying to get away from angry crowds. That argument doesn’t work in cases where drivers obviously went out of their way to hit pedestrians, including people on sidewalks, by swerving into them. This incident was caught on video, as many of these incidents are, and what you see in the video (below) is the driver accelerating out of the parking lot and straight into a dense crowd. This doesn’t look much like a “scared driver trying to get away,” but one of the Trump supporters may have handed her legal defense a gift by pointing a handgun at her head as she drove away, because now she can argue that she was fleeing for her life.

“What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander,” has limited application here. Both sides attacking each other doesn’t add up to innocence on all sides. If this driver is guilty, the victims aren’t innocent; they went there to fight. And spare me the double standard; if the authorities excuse thugs who run over BLM supporters blocking streets, then they also have to excuse BLM supporters who run over thugs blocking streets. The law should hold them all accountable under the law. The one constant in all of this is the rules must be the same for everyone. That, of course, is exactly what those who support violence against peaceful BLM protesters don’t want.

Read more here about the racist-in-chief’s slanders against peaceful BLM protesters exercising their constitutional rights.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Lady Justice is blind folded for many reasons.

    The only question that matters is if the DA who handles this case can prove the charges. The defense is welcome to defend their client. The bail does appear excessive, and the defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the world really was that way? Which, by the way, is all that BLM protesters are asking for.