Bikers doing what they do best

This tattoo parlor and grille was a biker nightclub in Waterloo, Iowa, which needed all of its emergency room capacity in the wee hours of Saturday morning, September 26, 2020, to patch up the casualties of a fight that erupted inside. Read story here.

Waterloo is a city about the size of Bellingham, Washington.

More than 100 bikers were packed into the building when gunfire erupted. Eight people were shot, four others were injured by “debris or glass and while fleeing,” and the casualties soon flooded into area emergency rooms in ambulances, cars, or under their own locomotion, presumably all bikers and/or hangers-on. One is dead and another is in critical condition.

No arrests were made at the scene, but three people were arrested for disorderly conduct at an emergency room, which sounds like bikers being bikers.

At this point police don’t know what started it or whether there was more than one shooter. The police chief told a press conference “the gathering wasn’t authorized” and investigators are “trying to determine who leased the building.”

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Is this the Waterloo of Adbe fame? Not a song or group on most bikers music lists.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Obviously this shooting occurred in a 1974 music video by a long-defunct Swedish pop band, not in a town of the same name. Even you know that!