Those 9 ballots in Pennsylvania explained

Evidence of election workers discarding Trump votes? Nope. From a comment on

Friday, 9/25/20 at 4:38 pm

“Cliff’s 1: They were not “tossed”.

“Cliffs Notes 2: Way back during their primary PA elections discovered that the return envelopes for overseas ballots, absentee ballots, military ballots, and applications for mail-in ballots for the general were all essentially identical. Because they could not tell if the incoming envelopes contained ballots or applications, and in order to prevent applications from being set aside, the elections board decided back during the primary to open all the similar envelopes in order to be able to process the applications for mail-in ballots in time for the election.

“Some ‘possibly’ military ballots received in the identical envelopes and therefor opened, were missing their inner ‘ballot security envelope’ leaving the ballot information exposed. PA has a law that requires ballots lacking their inner ‘ballot security envelope’ to be declared ‘spoiled’ and not included in the canvass. In Luzerne County nine of the mil ballots lacked the ‘inner security envelope’ and so were set aside pending review without first checking with the Dir of Elections. The Dir of Elections in consultation with the Couunty Council and the County Mgr. decided to notify the FBI to cover their asses, given all the threats of violence, threats toward elections officials, and general Trumpiness. The US Atty for the Middle District of PA decided it would be cool to issue a weird scary sounding press release. No criminal wrongdoing of any kind has been uncovered so far. Just bureaucratic incompetence of the sort we get when Republicans deprive elections offices of adequate resources.”

And voters not following the rules spelled out in law. Republicans insist that voters must comply with the letter of the law or their votes don’t count, so they should have no problem with this.

CNN reported, “The small number of mishandled military ballots at a Pennsylvania elections board that sparked a federal inquiry and allegations from the Trump campaign that Democrats were ‘trying to steal the election’ were actually ‘incorrectly’ tossed by a temp, a county official said Friday.” (Read story here.) In short, an inadvertent error of the sort that routinely occurs in all elections. Don’t be fooled by Trump’s efforts to conflate it into something deliberate and sinister, because it’s not that.

Photo: Artist’s impression of Trump milking this cow for all she’s worth.

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