Judge fires Trump’s Bureau of Land Management arsonist

This article contains news and liberal commentary.

William Pendley, Trump’s acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, is so anti-environment the Montana Wilderness Association described as “an arsonist in charge of a fire department” (read it here).

Trump never submitted Pendley for Senate confirmation. In August 2019, the Washington Post called it “a front-page scandal” and editorialzed that “Congress should not stand for it” (read it here). In the end, a federal judge didn’t stand for it.

Montana sued (read that story here), and on Friday, September 25, 2020, the judge ruled Pendley’s been serving illegally and barred him from exercising any further official actions.

Pendley, a protege of James Watt, Reagan’s notorious interior secretary, is an extremist who supports Cliven Bundy, advocates selling off federal lands to private interests, describes people who believe climate change is real as “kooks,” and has made disparaging remarks about immigrants and Black Lives Matter (read his bio here).

More than just a victory for environmentalists, the judge’s ruling says Trump can’t do whatever he wants. You and I both know he will anyway.

Photo: Don’t let this man near wildflowers! He’ll trample them!

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