Of Spandex, Feminism, and Male Liberation at the UW

(from a Facebook Post by a friend) When I was a student at the University of Washington, spandex was very popular. I remember one day, I was walking to class, and this one gal, who lived in the dorm, and who was known for always wearing spandex and no underwear, was walking in front of me.

Behind me were two gals who I overheard talking about the spandex gal. It sounded something like this:

Gal #1 – “Would you look at that? That’s disgusting.”

Gal #2 – “Yeah, sure as hell doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

I turned, and said, “Seriously? My imagination is going 1,000 miles per hour right now!”

I was lucky I didn’t get a black eye for that one

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