Trump campaign adviser shirks paying child support for 2016 campaign love child

This article contains news with liberal commentary.

Courts base child support payments on the parents’ incomes, and Jason Miller, one of Trump’s top 2020 campaign advisers, is being paid ZERO for his work, according to campaign documents. Read story here.

The child in question was “elected” into this world in July 2017. That’s, um, 9 months after November 2017. Miller, who’s married with children, was carrying on with A. J. Delgado, another campaign staffer. Read about her here.

Mistresses are fun until they sue for child support.

Hooboy. Can this get any more salacious?

Well, yes. He wanted her to get an abortion (of course he did; he’s a Republican), but she refused (of course she did; she has mom instincts). Read that story here. Meanwhile, she sued the Trump campaign for discriminating against her (of course they did; she’s a woman) by sacking her as punishment for getting pregnant on work time. Read that story here.

Now, back to the delicious money story.

Miller, who told the court he made $683,660 in 2019, poor-mouthing, didn’t pay the measly $3,167 a month he owes her. He complained to the court he can’t afford it because he’s only making $32,606 a month now, all of it from his own company, none from the Trump campaign he’s currently working for more or less full-time.

I suppose that’s possible. The 2020 Trump campaign’s financial difficulties are well known. Who knows how many other child support obligations and porn star payoffs they’re shouldering right now? They don’t make their finances public, only the fact they don’t have any finances. But it’s also possible they’re helping Miller commit a fraud on the court.

To believe otherwise, you have to accept as true the idea that this very mercenary individual is working very hard to re-elect Trump for free, as a public service to the citizens of this country.

Photos: (Top left) Jason Miller leering at (bottom right) A. J. Delgado in the shower.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Wait until he discovers the wonders of being a dollar a year man.

    It looks like she has a job and also has income which does matter in the mix. Of course she could have helped him get the appointment, and worked out a friendly Euro type arrangement, and Uncle Sam has no problems in garnishing wages of parents who owe child support. If the courts are still struggling with the issue of who gets custody then perhaps child support is not the only issue.

    Campaigns are free to hire or accept talent. Guess he is good at what he does.