If you were worried that Trump would start a war …

He didn’t have to.

Americans killed in the Spanish American War: 2,246
Americans killed in War of 1812: 2,260
Americans killed in 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks: 2,996
Americans killed in American Revolution: 4,435
Americans killed in the Mexican War: 13,283
Americans killed in Korean War: 33,746
Americans killed in Vietnam War: 58,152
Union and Confederate soldiers killed in Civil War battles: 204,100
Americans killed in Word War 1: 116,516
Americans killed by Japan in World War 2: 160,914
Americans killed by COVID pandemic: 196,345
Americans killed by Axis in Word War 2: 214,362

Now to be fair, Trump didn’t cause the pandemic, he merely screwed up the response, sorta like not having enough lifeboats on the Titanic. Of course, the Titanic’s captain had the decency to go down with the ship and let women and children have the lifeboats. Trump would commandeer them and throw your family overboard.

  Photo: Rare image of early Trump family outing

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  1. Mark Adams #

    The problem is you are comparing apples and oranges. When it comes to war then it is largely the Federal Government mainly through the President to wage war. A President decides much in a war. In a pandemic well the Federal government has almost no power, and the President very limited power. Democratic governors were quick to point out that they had the power though they also quickly begged for resources. It is unclear to me what exactly Biden is going to do differently or at all. Other than he is a Democrat and the Democratic governors may cooperate with him, and we will see if he has the political will if they do not. It is likely a group of Republican Governors will be less than cooperative with a Biden administration.

    What would be more helpful is comparing this pandemic to other prior pandemic. And yes wars and pandemics have a lot of synergism. One of which is historically disease or pandemic kill more troops and sailors than direct combat.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Still making excuses for Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic, I see.

  3. Lying to oneself and others in order to disbelieve the truth and facts of drump's mishandling of everything #

    Apologist for trump’s incompetency, dishonesty and lack of moral character.

    Why cover up for trump’s failures? It doesn’t make the truth and facts go away.

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