Trump official wasted taxpayer $$$millions on image burnishing

This article is news with liberal commentary.

Trump’s top Medicaid official, Seema Verma, paid consultants at least $3.5 million of taxpayer money for anti-Obamacare messaging and polishing her image, Newsweek reported on September 10, 2020.

The money was used to get her on panels, podcasts, TV shows, arrange awards, and promoting her in AARP magazine, Newsweek said.

According to Wikipedia, “the HHS Inspector General concluded” Verma’s spending on “politically connected contractors … violated federal contracting rules.”

Before becoming Trump’s Medicare and Medicaid hatchet woman, Verma was a consultant to Mike Pence while he was governor of Indiana. As a governor, Pence notoriously delayed his state’s response to the HIV epidemic.

A Trump administration flack responded to Newsweek by calling the Inspector General’s report “a reckless, politically timed, drive-by hit job” and ranted,

“The only thing more predictable about this political smear of Administrator Verma is the fact these far left politicians won’t admit they’re angry her market-based, pro-consumer health policy reforms have derailed their failed agenda of bigger government, higher taxes and less patient choice.”

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