Which type of cat butler are you?

This article is part humor and part whatever.

Of course you have a Cat, whether you want one or not, unless you have a dog. People own dogs, I’m sure you know, to keep cats away.

Free-agency cats will case a house. If no dog is there, they move in. If they’re fed, they stay. Humans have no say about being adopted by cats.

When that happens, from then on, they’re cat butlers. I’m sure you know what a cat butler is. If not, you must be a dog owner. Wise move.

Recent scientific research has categorized the humans adopted by cats, always involuntarily, into five categories as follows:

[   ]  Concerned protectors who focus on The Cat’s safety.

[   ]  Freedom defenders who strongly prioritize The Cat’s independence and oppose restrictions on its behavior.

[   ]  Tolerant guardians who believe outdoor access is important for cats but dislike their hunting.

[   ]  Conscientious caretakers who feel they bear some responsibility for managing their cats’ hunting.

[   ]  Laissez‐faire landlords who were largely unaware of the issues surrounding their cats’ roaming and hunting behaviors.

Which type of cat butler are you? There are no restrictions on checking boxes. You can check all of them.

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Photo: Now isn’t he adorable? Admit it, he’s adorable. But, boy, that expression.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Farmers/store owners/home owner who greatly appreciate these little murderers effectiveness when it comes to vermin?

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