The day an army didn’t come to Gettysburg

This article contains news with sarcastic liberal commentary.

On July 4, 2020, a pastor wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt who went to Gettysburg to quietly visit an ancestor’s grave was surrounded by 50 armed men and thrown out of the cemetery.

Hundreds of these armed men belonging to rightwing vigilante groups had gathered at Gettysburg in response to social media posts by a shadowy leftist who was “talking up plans to burn American flags.”

When the shadowy “leftist” was tracked down and identified, he turned out to be one of the rightwing organizers of these vigilante mobs descending on Gettysburg to protect the graves of the honored dead from their pacifist descendants. Read about the incident here and here.

My question is, why did park police ask the minister to leave, instead of throwing out the armed men? Were they afraid? In that case they should’ve called for reinforcements. It seems to me our government has a duty to protect the minister’s right of free expression, even if it takes an army to do it.

Photo above (click here for source): Rightwing gunmen at Gettysburg on July 4, 2020. The guy in the middle is wearing a Nazi helmet; he was allowed to stay . Right (click here for source): Police escorting the peaceful minister out of the park.

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  1. This shouldn't have happened to the minister or anyone #

    Welcome to Trump’s Right is White & Not right

    Right to assemble, right to free speech and free expression is a protected right if you are white in Trump’s America:

    1. White vigilante mob mentality rules.
    2. Law enforcement is infiltrated with white supremacists.

    The minister didn’t stand a chance.