Disparaging remarks story grows legs; the end for Trump?

Trump referred to Americans killed in combat as “losers” and suckers”

Multiple Sources, Including Fox, Confirm Details;

Condemnations Pour In

VP Biden: “Sick, deplorable, un-American”

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: “Appalled”

Retired General: “No patriot”

Main story with links to others: Click here and here.

The Atlantic original story: Click here.

Retired general story: Click here.

Duckworth story: Click here.

End of Trump?

No question about it, Trump is facing an existential threat to his re-election chances.

“Miracle on the Hudson” pilot rips Trump

Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger, a veteran and son of a veteran, tore into Trump for his disparaging remarks about American troops killed in combat in a series of tweets. Read story here.

Forbes calls it a “September surprise”

In the past, campaigns tried to spring “October surprises,” but mail voting has moved up the timeline. Read story here.

Trump is losing the military vote

The military doesn’t allow polling, but subscribers to Military Times favor Biden over Trump. Read story here.

The sands are running out

North Carolina began mailing ballots today. Read story here.

Who do you believe?

CNN hasn’t verified the story, but says Trump has a history of disparaging military people. Read story here. He did it again today. Watch video here.

People who believe “deep state” conspiracy theories, Covid-19 is a “hoax,” and Democrats will “destroy civilization” won’t give the story credence. But lots of people will listen to “Captain Sully.” The polls will soon tell us whether he burned one bridge too many.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to game the election, and surely will challenge the results if he loses. But who will take seriously the complaints of someone who even cheats at golf?

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