1 wedding, 170 cases, 7 deaths

A Covid-19 outbreak caused by a Maine wedding reception that violated state-imposed gathering restrictions “is now responsible for 3 deaths and nearly 150 infected people,” NBC News reported on Sept. 4, 2020. Two weeks later, there were 7 deaths and over 170 cases.

Sixty-five people attended the reception. More than twice that many are now infected, indicating the gathering was a spreader event that’s now sending waves out into the community, as initially feared by authorities.

An attendee employed at a jail has infected 72 jail inmates. Another 19 cases from the wedding are at a rehab center, and 10 more at a church.

State rules limited outdoor gatherings to 50 and indoor gatherings to 10. The owners of the lodge, which was cited for infractions related to the event, previously issued a statement saying their “hearts go out” to victims of the outbreak.

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