She said, he said

“She” referring to the salon owner, not Nancy Pelosi, who says she was “set up,” and “he” being the hairstylist calling the salon owner a liar.

She denies it. Even went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show to deny it. And complain about being shut down. But he says she “criticized Pelosi” and added she’s “been violating coronavirus health orders for months.” Read story here.

People who go on Tucker Carlson’s show normally have a conservative political agenda. He’s a propagandist; that’s what he does. It’s a safe venue for a small business owner pissed off about Covid-19 restrictions; he won’t ask the tough questions a journalist would, such as how did a routine hair appointment get on the front page? Who fed the salon’s surveillance video to Fox? (Update: The hairstylist says the salon owner did.)

Looks like an inside job to me, and there’s only one plausible suspect. Here’s what the hairstylist’s attorney says:

“Mr. DeNardo advised Ms. Kious that he would not proceed with Speaker Pelosi’s appointment without Ms. Kious’ authorization. Ms. Kious  took special interest in the appointment during this telephone call, wherein she made several vitriolic and incendiary comments about Speaker Pelosi and her purported responsibility for temporarily suspending operations of Ms. Kious’ business, despite such orders actually being put into place not by Speaker Pelosi, but by Governor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Ultimately, Ms. Kious authorized Mr. DeNardo to proceed with Speaker Pelosi’s appointment.”

I’ve listened to both sides, weighed the credibility of the witnesses, and I vote for setup.

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