Playing hooky in 2020

News spiked with eccentric humor.

“Police have arrested a Florida high school student for alleged cyberattacks that rendered the Miami-Dade school district’s remote learning platform almost impossible to use,” NBC News reported on Thursday, September 3, 2020. An “unnamed 16-year-old junior” at a Miami-area high school admitted “attacking the school’s My School Online platform, which is designed to let students attend school from home during the coronavirus pandemic,” the school district said. Read story here.

Every generation has its share of troublemakers. Punks, all of ’em. I remember when kids got in trouble for rolling quarters down the aisle in homeroom. That was big money in those days, you could buy 2 comic books and 1/2 of a Coke with it, and the rich kids started small riots that way. One kid even brought a duck call to class; I heard he ended up in the Army and Vietnam.

I’m not sure what authorities do with these thugs nowadays. Things have changed. You may see Caltech and MIT recruiters in the counselor’s office fighting for signing rights. Or a gray van with covered license plates screeches to the curb outside, suited guys with shades pile out, grab the kid and throw him in the van, roar off into the sunset, and now he works for the Trump campaign.

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Photos: (Above) File photo of what a typical online learning platform hacker might look like; (below) what high school riots looked like before kids had AK-47s.

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