Civil rights lawsuit alleges Kenosha police treated protesters and militias differently

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Several protesters who were arrested for violating a 7 p.m. curfew are seeking restraining orders, a declaration the curfew is unconstitutional, money damages, and attorney fees. They claim the early curfew was to prevent them from protesting against police brutality. The lawsuit allegs:

“Over the last 9 days, the Kenosha City Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department have arrested over 150 peceful protesters for violating the county-imposed curfew order, yet in spite of the presence of pro-police protesters and militias, NOT A SINGLE PRO-POLICE demonstrator has been arrested. The Kenosha Police and Kenosha Sheriffs use the ordinance to silence the voices of those who peacefully demonstrate against police brutality while allowing pro-police activists and militias to roam the streets without fear of arrest.” — Allegations in a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court For The Eastern District Of Wisconsin on Aug. 28, 2020.

Read story here. Read legal filing here. Comment: In general, curfews must be reasonable, which depends on the specific situation. I can’t comment further on that here. I could see an argument for letting business owners stay with their businesses while enforcing a curfew against others, but where the police will run into trouble is letting pro-police demonstrators violate the curfew while rounding up anti-police protesters, as they can’t use a curfew as a subterfuge for letting one side have free speech while denying it to the other side, given that they’re peaceful and law-abiding in other respects.

Photo: These vigilantes were violating curfew, but police didn’t bother them. Kyle Rittenhouse, on the left, also was underage to possess that weapon. He’s now accused of murder.

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