I know how rightwing militias could eliminate liberals but won’t tell you

This article contains liberal commentary.

I had a flash of inspiration this morning (I get my bright ideas in two places, both in the bathroom). Rounding up liberals is cumbersome, hit-and-miss, prone to mistakes (they might attack each other), and would take more manpower than they’ve got. There’s an easier, feasible way, more practical way that’s within their resources.

But I’m not talking, because if I tell you, I’m telling them, and they may not have figured it out yet. They might never. These folks aren’t for the most part what you’d call thinkers. But we mustn’t underestimate how crazy some of them are (photo at right; story here).

This is like uranium. For millenia, no one thought about it or disturbed the ore deposits. Wouldn’t it be nice if it had stayed that way? Some ideas are better passed by than passed on.

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But you should know there’s a way. Like any strategy, it can be defeated, and I know how to do that, too, if push comes to shove. Get back to me if the situation becomes critical.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a thinker’s thoughts about the chances of a second American civil war, you might like this article. Needless to say, I’m totally against it, and I think they should put down their guns, set aside their irrational blind anger, and try debating the issues like intelligent grownups for a change.

Below: This isn’t how to do it. But let ’em keep thinking up the wrong tree.

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