The University of Alabama now has 1,366 Covid-19 cases

At the University of Alabama, 1,200 students and 166 faculty members have tested positive for Covid-19 after a week on campus. The school has about 38,500 students and ~1,957 faculty.

The university’s president called that “unacceptable” and warned it threatens to force closure of the campus. Last week, the mayor of Tuscaloose, where the campus is located, closed bars for two weeks. Media photos have shown large crowds of students congregating in town without masks or social distancing. Other colleges that reopened their campus also are experiencing outbreaks.

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One problem is that young people are more likely to be asymptomatic spreaders. Dorm living and interacting with other students also facilitates spreading the virus. For health experts’ assessments of the challenges and risks of holding classes on campus, and their recommendations for schools and students, see this article.

Photo: Can you figure out why so many University of Alabama students are getting infected?

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  1. Mark Adams #

    The reason so many University of Alabama students are getting infected is because they are getting laid or want to get laid.

    The efforts may only slow how many students ultimately would catch Covid-19 this school year and there is an upper limit of 38.500 and give and take on the faculty. Most of the students are under 24 and probably will not even get ill, and there will be few if any hospitalizations of students under 24 and probably no deaths. In fact of students and faculty under 50 there will be few sicknesses and deaths. Above 50 (and we are now talking mostly faculty) the virus is more dangerous, and becomes more dangerous the older the person is, yet most will be asymptomatic. Why not just rip the bandage up, and butt out and let the students be the young adults they are. They are not hanging out with their grandparents or even their parents and probably won’t be home until maybe Thanksgiving break. Most will rarely leave campus, and the typical job opportunities are not there because of the Corvid 19.

    This is not the pandemic that the CDC and WHO are worried about. In fact there are likely many pandemics of many viruses that most of us actually catch, only they don’t make us sick or such a small number of us they go unnoticed.

    Support a college students right to get laid!

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Aren’t you now over the hill for that?

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