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To better serve its readers, this blog has adopted a “Letters to the Editor” format similar to that used by newspapers and magazines, effective January 29, 2021. To refer to commenting rules in place before that date, click here.

The editor will publish at his discretion comments he thinks are informative and useful to the blog’s readers. Comments should be concise, factual, civil, and make a point relevant to the article or posting. Content is solely the responsibility of the submitter and publication by The-Ave.US does not constitute an endorsement of views expressed therein. Posted comments may be edited. Only relevant, on-topic, portions of comments judged to be of value to readers will be posted.

About this blog: “The Ave.US” (named after University Avenue in Seattle’s U. district) was created by University of Washington Professor Steve Schwartz as an off-campus forum for discussing university affairs, although it quickly evolved to include humor, current events, and politics. Its liberal orientation is obvious, but there’s no editorial policy of discriminating against other viewpoints, and objectivity is greatly valued here. Very early on, Steve included me (“Roger Rabbit”) in its design and asked me to be a contributor. I know little about website design or management, but my passworded access allows me to post and edit articles, and approve, edit, and delete comments. That’s pretty much the extent of what I do here. Unlike Steve, I’m not a university insider, so inevitably this blog has lost its focus on U.W. affairs upon his passing. Nor am I capable of replicating his unique sense of humor. In his absence, I’m trying to keep the blog going, and I think he would want that. I try to make it interesting by posting new material with some frequency, generally on subjects I have at least some familiarity with. That’s mostly government, politics, and current affairs. My professional background is journalism, law, and government; and you’ll see those influences in the writing, editing, and coverage here. Some of Steve’s articles written before his death also continue to post because he post-dated them.

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